Erin B.
2 months ago
Mr. Stein was a true professional. He and his legal staff assisted me in every step of my prolonged divorce. Mr. Stein answered my questions and educated me about the legal process in a timely and respectful manner. He provided me realistic expectations and had my best interest in mind. Despite my case’s complications, I was confident in Mr. Stein’s ability to bring all parties to an agreement. Mr. Stein helped keep everyone focused and determined to resolve the situation in the best interest of our son all while fully prepared to litigate the underlying issues. Mr. Stein achieved an outcome that I am more than pleased with. I am very grateful for Mr. Stein and appreciate the time he and his team provided me during this difficult time in my life. I recommend his services with utmost confidence.


Norbert S.

2 months ago
I have used the services of Mr. Stein now in multiple occasions. Each time better results than the last. What is really consistent is Mr. Stein’s drive and force to exceed all expectations and always go the extra mile. He has a unique presence and disposition in the courtroom that demands respect and attention. He is particularly comfortable with litigation. I actually think he likes being in court. In my opinion those lawyers who are ready and versatile to jump into litigation have always a better chance of avoiding protracted litigation and are able to get the best settlements. Mr. Stein is also technical with the application of the law and terrific in execution. I review his weekly blogs religiously and find them very helpful to stay informed. I believe he actually enjoys the practice of law beyond all. Always also quick to respond and available on the weekends which is a rarity among lawyers.
If you have a complicated case that has dragged on with no results, then look no further. I recommend with no reservations.


Phil A.
4 months ago
Mr. Stein was able to help me tremendously within very short notice when hope seemed lost. He listened to me and his representation made the difference in my case. He made sure I understood what and why things were happening/what would happen if the case progressed a certain way. It concerns me to think what could have happened had he not taken my case on such short notice.
Thank you, Mr. Stein.


Shokita F.
a year ago
I have retained the law offices of David Stein on 3 different occasions, starting back in 2003. Mr. Stein has completed 2 adoptions and one guardianship for me. He is awesome, extremely dependable, and he’s always had mines and my children’s best interest at heart. He is the most professional but at the same time, caring and GO HARD attorney that I’ve ever dealt with. I will definitely use him again.


Steven D.
11 months ago

There are moments in life that change everything. My wife Florence and I met around our 40s, late to start a family. We were looking into the DC foster/adoption program when I learned that my two nieces would not be able to continue living with their mother. She struggled with addiction and had burned through all her second chances.

I’m not sure how to describe the feeling when you just know something is right. But we knew that providing a family for these girls was what we had to do. This was a complex legal matter involving parties in two states and the District of Columbia. At one point there were five legal teams.

We contracted with David because he had been recommended as one of the best in family law. Early on he provided guidance on the complex legal proceedings, and a path to our goal – a permanent stable home for the girls. He said things would be difficult, and they were, but that the goal was achievable.

David was there for many discussions and court appearances.To be financially prudent, he advised us when his assistance was critical, and when we could handle something ourselves. He guided us on both the legal and more personal matters, and never lost sight of the feelings, hopes and dreams of the girls themselves. In this way he was much more than a lawyer.

This experience left us a stronger family, able to maintain a connection with the girls’ other family members without any concern or competition. For the girls, it was a difficult time, but I don’t believe they ever doubted our resolve to do what was best for them. For matters as close to the heart as these, you couldn’t have a better lawyer.