Washington DC Family Lawyer

Our Washington DC Family Lawyer handles competently every category of family law matter in the District of Columbia including but not limited to:

Family cases can become particularly complicated as multiple issues may have to be decided by the court.  For example, in a typical divorce case it may be in dispute child custody, child support, alimony, division of property and assets.

A child abuse and neglect case may involve later in the proceedings child custody or adoption as well as having a criminal child cruelty component.

A civil protection order in addition to the applicable stay away orders may include orders for child custody, support, spousal support as well as attorney’s fees.

Thus in family cases more than in any other areas of law, it is highly critical to engage counsel who is not only fully aware of the controlling laws and statutes but has handled significant number of family cases and understands the dynamics involved.

At times emotions in family cases cloud judgment.  It is imperative to set aside emotions and navigate rationally and methodically to get results.

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