Beyond the Penn State Scandal: Child Abuse Reporting Laws (Washington Lawyer) For some observers, the Penn State scandal exposes the problems inherent in the web of complicated laws defining the scope of who must report suspected child abuse. Available here.

Parents’ Depression Linked to Problems in Children (NY Times) Research into postnatal depression has underscored the importance of checking up on parents’ mental health in the first months of a baby’s life. But a parent’s depression, it turns out, can be linked to all kinds of problems, even in the lives of older children. Available here.

Adapting to Aging Out: Profiles of Risk and Resilience Among Emancipated Foster Youth (University of California, Riverside) This data-driven report reviews patterns of competencies (e.g., education,occupation, civil engagement, interpersonal relationships) among emancipated foster youth. Available here.

Measure of a Mother’s Love: How Early Neglect Derails Child Development (TIME) Most people don’t need science to appreciate the importance of a mother’s love. But to understand how early maltreatment can derail a child’s development requires careful study — and is fraught with ethical peril. Available here.

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