Recent Court of Appeals:

Kenda v. Pleskovic, No. 09-FM-1082, 10-FM-16 (Decided March 22, 2012) Available here: Analysis of the District of Columbia’s Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.


Study: Families Trending Toward Open Adoptions (Washington Times) An estimated 95 percent of U.S. infant adoptions now have some level of openness between birth parents and adoptive parents, unlike earlier decades, when such contact was routinely denied. Available here.

Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit (National Council for Adoption) Available here.

Child Abuse:

Stopping Child Abuse (Washington Post) Educating adults about the law and about signs of abuse is key to holding perpetrators accountable and getting children the care that they need. Available here.

Court: Children’s Rights to Counsel are Not Universal (Seattle Times) The Washington State Supreme Court upheld a state law that authorizes trial judges – but doesn’t require them – to appoint lawyers to foster children in cases where a court is considering removal from families. Available here.

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