Washington DC Illegal Downloads / Copyright Infringement Attorney

If you have received a notification from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) regarding a Federal Court Subpoena to release your account information, it is likely that you have been identified by your IP address in a class action John or Jane Doe federal lawsuit. These actions generally stem from the IP address being flagged by a web-crawler software programmed to detect illegal downloads of certain copyrighted work. These actions are generally filed under Tile 17 USC sections 501-504.

The pleadings are generally confusing, involve hundreds of defendants, and raise a myriad of state and federal legal issues. It is imperative to contact our internet lawyers specialized in illegal downloads/copyright infringement form the very beginning to file all appropriate motions to quash the subpoena, or even motion to dismiss the action when appropriate. Internet Service Providers are currently inundated by these actions and often times would release account holder information prematurely, accidentally, or inadvertently. With proper representation, you can ensure that your identity remains anonymous until all outstanding litigation has been resolved.