Maryland Drug Offense Lawyer

The Maryland drug laws are complex and criminalize use, possession and distribution of controlled and uncontrolled substances alike.  The penalties and fines are stiff and start from a minimum of one year in prison for any small measurable possession of simple narcotics to 25 or more years for distribution and possession of more serious narcotics.

The Maryland drug laws even criminalize possession or purchase of uncontrolled substances if the person reasonably believes it is a controlled dangerous substance.  The statute considers the packaging, appearance, and the amount in order to infer intent. It is not a defense to a prosecution under this section that the substance possessed or purchased was not a controlled dangerous substance if the person reasonably believed that it was a controlled dangerous substance.  That is, under the statute, you have committed a crime even when the substance turns out to be an uncontrolled (unregulated) substance.

Thus it is imperative to involve a tenacious knowledgeable and experienced Maryland defense lawyer thoroughly familiar with Maryland Drug Statutes to defend your rights and to fight back against the broad based unforgiving Maryland drug charges.