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The DC Child Support Guideline provides the framework for child support calculations.  However, the Statute allows for departure from the guideline-calculated amount and several exceptions apply.  For example, each party may receive credit for a minor child in his or her care, credit for medical coverage, extraordinary household expenses, etc.  It is particularly important to have the assistance of an experienced Washington DC child support lawyer to properly apply the guideline to your case and to make sure all appropriate departures from the guideline are credited to your statutory obligation.  

As the child support amount continues until the age of 21, it is essential to have a thorough analysis early on to make sure your child support obligations are not exceeding the guideline amount and that all applicable credits are applied.  The child support calculations drastically reduces if the child is in your care for 35% or more of the allotted times as presumption of joint custody applies. Thus in some aspects the child support liability and the physical custody interrelate and it is paramount to settle both cases if applicable simultaneously.  Do refer to our detailed blog post on this particular topic.

Moreover often times modifications to the child support obligations are necessary when there are changes in circumstances, that is, financial and employment changes, geographical moves, placement changes, or increased physical custody.

It is important to highlight that establishment of legal paternity is prerequisite to any imposition of child support obligation. In the District, if you have been named in the birth certificate then paternity is legally established even if there is error and later it is determined that there is no genetic or biological link. There are limited circumstances in which legal paternity through birth certificate can be challenged. If not listed on birth certificate, then it is prudent to request and obtain genetic testing to establish paternity. Acknowledging paternity on the record at the outset of child support legal proceedings without the benefit of DNA testing could be another irreversible legal error.

It is paramount to have the assistance of an expert family law DC child support lawyer before committing to a child support sum either as a receiver of the sum or one who is under obligation to pay child support.

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Please also refer to our resources section to review the entire DC Child Support Guideline.