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The Law Offices of David Stein specializes in criminal defense, family law and civil litigation.  The firm litigates complex and demanding criminal and civil matters in both the District of Columbia and Maryland jurisdictions.  With two convenient offices in the DC metro area, the firm is steps away from the Courthouse complex and serves both DC and Maryland clients.

It is imperative to engage an experienced and highly specialized litigator to safeguard, protect and preserve your rights.  Our extensive experience as well as a painstaking attention to details sets us apart from our peers and uniquely position us to successfully tackle a diverse array of challenging cases.  We demand the best and do not relent unless our clients have realized or exceeded their expectations. Our commitment to success motivates us to strive beyond client expectations and has earned us a reputation for excellence.

We have considerable experience representing clients before judges and juries.  In our pursuit to protect our client's interest, we consider every available legal argument, offering creative solutions that may take the opposition by surprise.  There is a great deal of room in the legal field for strategy, ingenuity, and unconventional thinking.  We deliver results through novel solutions and unexpected legal strategies.  Our success lies with our ability to take an approach not foreseen by our opponents or anticipated.  Ultimately our clients are the beneficiaries to our creative legal solutions delivering resources, results and ultimately success.